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Homework Help: Grammar exercise check

Posted by Emily on Wednesday, January 16, 2008 at 8:37pm.

Can somebody check my answers on this exercise? I'm horrible at this and I want to make sure if I'm doing it right.
"Identify the gerunds or gerund phrases in the following sentences. Then, tell how each is used: as a subject, a predicate nominative, a direct object,or an object of a preposition."

1. A caricature is a picture, usually of a person, that draws attention to key features by emphasizing them.
Emphasizing them--object of a preposition

2.Usually, caricature artists enjoy poking fun at famous people.
Poking fun-- direct object

3.Looking at caricaturesis an entertaining way to capture the "feel" of a historical period.
Looking at caricatures-- subject, entertaining way-- predicate nominative

4. No one looking at this sketch of Teddy Roosevelt can help smiling.
Looking-- direct object

5. The artist began by simplifying the shapeof his subject's head.
Simplifying the shape-- object of a preposition

6. Then he started outlining the temples and round cheeks with bold strokes of his pen.
Outlining the temples and round cheeks-- direct object

7. As you probably realize, magnifying reality is very important to a good caricature.
Magnifying reality-- subject

8. By enlarging Roosevelt's engaging grin and bristly mustache, the artist emphasizes these features and suggests Roosevelt's energetic, outgoing personality.
Enlarging Roosevelt's-- object of a preposition, engaging grin and bristly mustache-- object of a preposition

9. The artist also uses his subject's narrowed eyes and oval glasses for comic effect by drawing them closer together than they really were.
Drawing them closer together-- object of a preposition

10. Exaggerating Roosevelt's features has resulted in an amusing but unmistakable likeness.
Exaggerating Roosevelt's features-- subject, amusing but unmistakable likeness-- predicate nominative

Thank you SOOOOO much for helping me out!!! I'm sorry it's so much.

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