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A eudiometer contains 65.0 ml sample of gas collected by the diplacement of water. The water levels inside and outside the eudiometer are the same. The atmospheric pressure is 92.5 kPa and the temperture is 23 degrees. What volume will the dry gas occupy at STP? The vapor pressure of water at 23 degrees is 2.8 kPa.

92.5kPa-2.8kPa= 89.7kPa

65.0 ml(89.7 kPa)/101.3 kPa

answer: 57.6 ml

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    The only difficulty here is the temp. As I see it you correctly calcuated the volume at standard pressure, 23C. You need to adjust the volume for temperature now.

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    I think this might be right...adjusting the volume for temperature.

    273K + 23K= 296K

    The two possible temperature ratio would be 296K/273K or 273K/296K. I chose the second one.

    57.6 ml(273K)/296K

    answer: 53.1 ml

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    That looks good to me.

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