February 26, 2017

Homework Help: can someone proofread this ASAP! Please!

Posted by bizzy on Monday, January 14, 2008 at 9:40pm.

In a marriage, I believe that a husband should show emotional concerns to his wife. For instance, husbands should feel free to express the love they have for their wives. In today’s society according to Charles Colson, most men are still uncomfortable expressing their emotions to their wives for fear of being vulnerable. They fear that being intimate and expressing their feelings to others will make them less masculine. I believe that men should focus more on what they can bring out of the relationship and not concentrate soling on the barriers that society has placed on their gender roles. In order to make a marriage work, I believe both spouses must let go of the social implications of their gender role, and they should be flexible with their roles in order to bring out the best of themselves in a relationships.
Husbands should also show day-to-day concerns to their wives. For instance, when decision making is done in a relationship, husbands should make sure to include their wives into the decision-making process because both partners are responsible for the decisions made in their relationship. I believe husbands should also help their wives with the household responsibilities. For instance, husbands should contribute their fair share of the cleaning in the house. If their wife has prepared them a home cooked meal, then, they can contribute their share of the responsibility by washing the dishes and tidying up the kitchen. If husbands follow these behaviors, I believe that their relationship with their wives will be closer to being equitable.
Wives, on the other hand, should also be concerned with their husband’s emotions. For instance, wives should respect their husband’s freedom. In most marriages, according to Charles Colson, most couples do not allow their partners to express their own interests. Many partners feel pressured by their partners to participate in activities that interest them as a couple and not as an individual. Wives should allow their husbands the freedom to choose their own set of goals like, pursing an education or another career. Wives should also allow their husbands to participate in activities alone or with their own friends. Like their husbands, wives should also contribute to the finances of their marriage. If both couples share the household responsibilities together, then, I believe they should also share the finance responsibilities in their marriage.
I believe that if a husband contributes to his fair share of the household responsibilities, then, his wife will be benefiting from his behavior because she will not have all the household responsibility to herself. Usually in today’s society, many wives feel it is their responsibility to take care of the household responsibilities as a woman. Wives will have the better deal in this case because she will no longer feel the pressure society has placed on her as a woman. If a wife helps her husband with the finances in their marriage, then, I believe her husband will be benefiting from her contributions because he will not have the sole responsibility of providing the income in their marriage and he will also feel less pressure from what society expects from men. Therefore, if both the wife and husband are contributing their fair share of the responsibilities within their marriage, then, they are closer to achieving an equitable relationship.

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