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A car traveling at a constant speed of 125 km/hr passes a trooper hidden behind a billboard. One second after the speeding car passes the billboard, the trooper sets in a chase after the car with a constant acceleration of 2.7 m/s^2. How far does the trooper travel before he overtakes the speeding car?

I'm pretty sure that I need to solve for time using d = 1/2at^2, but the "one second after" part of this problem throws me off.

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    125 km/hr *1 hr/3600 s * 1000m/km =
    34.7 m/s
    the car travels t+1 seconds
    so the car goes
    d =34.7 * (t+1) = 34.7 t + 34.7 meters
    the trooper travels the same distance in t seconds
    d = 0 + 0t + (1/2)(2.7)t^2
    34.7 t + 34.7 = 1.35 t^2
    1.35 t^2 - 34.7 t - 34.7 = 0
    solve quadratic, use solution that makes sense.

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    Thanks. :)

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