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I'm doing an essay on the book The Children of Izieu. My thesis is - The lives of 44 children were unreasonably exterminated in the Holocaust.

The book is about Children who are captured by Klaus Barbie from the House of Izieu and taken to a death camp in Auschwitz.

Two of my arguments are - they were young and harmless so they shouldn't have been exterminated. And that they were exterminated in a barbaric manner. Can anyone help me come up with more arguments? Thanks!

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    If you are arguing the children were "unreasonably exterminated", does that mean they could have been reasonably exterminated?
    Your arguement-they were young and harmless- if thy were old and harmless should they have been exterminated? Or old and harmful? Secondly, if there is such a thing as exterminated in a barbaric manner, is there the contra of exterminated in a civilized (humane) manner?
    My point is this: Be careful of your wording, and avoid such logical pitfalls.
    I think a better thesis is focused on the loss of the innocent: It includes Modern Africa, Iraq, Pakistan, and wherever terror or inhumanity reigns. Why does God allow it? Why do we allow it?
    Good luck

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    I agree with Bobpursley.

    I've been thinking about your essay for a while -- and have a hard time accepting your mealy-mouthed thesis. The children were murdered -- not by just one crazed individual -- but by a so-called civilized nation.

    Since the focus of your essay is on this book, I suggest you rewrite your thesis to make it stronger. Then concentrate on the individual children whose lives were cut pathetically short by the barbarians.

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    Thank you both for your suggestions! The book, in a way, is like a memorial. Should I change my thesis to something related to the importance of remembering the holocaust?

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    Yes. I think you should. That would be a good idea.

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