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My question is on transitive/intransitive verbs. Here is an example sentence:

The entire pack of dogs barked at the moon.

I know the verb is 'barked'. Would it be transitive and the receiver be 'moon'?

Also, does anyone have any tips on how to distinguish transitive and intransitive?

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    Transitive verbs need an object to complete their meanings. The object must answer "who" or "what" after the verb. Examples:
    Josie picked flowers from her garden. (Flowers tell WHAT she picked.)
    We had to write an essay for history class.
    Peggy saw a doctor about her skin rash.

    Intransitive verbs don't have objects. Examples:
    The girls shopped at the mall. (Mall doesn't answer the question WHAT after the verb. At the mall is a prepositional phrase; objects cannot be in prepositional phrases.)
    Caesar came, saw, and conquered.

    Check this site for more information.

    Do you still think that "barked" is a transitive verb? Note that moon is in a prepositional phrase and can't be the object.

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    Oh, okay. I realize that it is intransitive now.

    Thank you!

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    You're welcome.

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    find the prepostional phrase

    1. The word robot comes from a play by karel capek.

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    what is the prepositional phrase of this sentence the word robot comes from a play by Karel Capek

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