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Earth Science

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A.________-large body of air that develops over a particular region; it acquires the characteristics of the area over which it occurs

B.__________-boundary between different air masses
1.___-cold air mass pushes under a warm air mass and can cause a narrow band of violent storms; tempuratures drop
2.___-warm air mass slides up over a cool air mass; widespread precipitation develops
3.___-warm air mass and cold air mass meet but never advances; couldiness and precipitation result
4.___-fast-moving cold front overtakes a slower-moving warm front or vice versa; cloudy weather with precipitation

C. Centers of ______
1.___ pressure- air sinks and spreads away from the high-pressure center; moisture cannot rise and condense; usually dry with a few clouds
2.___ pressure- air rises and cools forming clouds and precipitation

I was absent the day everyone else learned all this, that's why I need help. -_-"

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