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In 1939, a global military conflict named World War 2 started. It divided many of the world nations into two military alliances: the Allies and the Axis Powers. World War 2 was known as the deadliest conflict in human history because 70 million people died in it. A state of total war was placed on the countries which allowed them to use all resources for war effort. A nation could use their economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities for the purposes of the war effort. Total war took out the distinction between military and civil resources. This allowed nations to kill citizens of other countries to win the war. More than 6 million of civilian casualties were victims of the Holocaust. The Holocaust was conducted by Nazi Germany. The Holocaust was the killing of 6 million European Jews in World War 2. Jews were first placed in 15 000 concentration camps, and used as slave labor until they died because of exhaustion or disease. Some Nazi units murdered Jews in mass shootings. While other Jews had the worst punishment – they were sent to extermination camps where they were killed in gas chambers. A number of victims of these extermination camps were the Children of Izieu. Forty Four Jewish children lived in the House of Izieu founded by Mrs. Sabine Zlatin and her husband Miron Zlatin. Izieu was located in the non-occupied zone, close to Switzerland. These children were only from four to seventeen years old. Mme Zlatin was a nurse of the military Red Cross. She made leave the Jewish children of the camps of Agde, then of Rivesaltes. She managed to obtain from the prefect of Herault the authorization to take along several Jewish children from their horrible living conditions in the camps. However, on April 6, 1944, Klaus Barbie “The Butcher of Lyon” invested the orphanage and arrested the forty-four children as well as 7 adults. They were shipped to a camp in Drancy and then shipped to a death camp, Auschwitz, where they were killed in gas chambers.

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