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Algebra II

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Solve: 3+2(1-x) >6 or 2x+14 <=8. Graph the solution set on a number line.

When I solved the equations for the first one I got x<-1/2 and for the second one I got x<= -3.

How do I graph the solution set for these????

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    for the first one it is everything to the left of -1/2 on your number line.
    So put an open circle around -1/2 and an arrow to the left.
    The open circle means everything to the left, but not the point itself.
    For the second one, the point x = -3 is included so draw a solid, shaded in, circle around that point. Then your arrow points from there to the left.

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    Damon, since x ≤ -3 is already a subset of
    x < -1/2, graphing x < -1/2 the way you just described it would suffice.

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    Oh, I did not realize they were connected by a logical or.

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