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Homework Help: AP CHEM

Posted by Jake on Wednesday, January 2, 2008 at 9:12pm.

An ice cube tray contains enough water at 22.0 C to make 18 ice cubes that each have a mass of 30.0g. The tray is placed in a freezer that uses CF2CL2 as a refridgerant. The heat of vap of CF2CL2 is 158 J/g. What mass of CF@CL2 must be vaporized in the refridgeration cycle to convert all the water at 22.0 C to ice at -5.o C.

this is all i have so far. please help? thanks
H capacity H20 (s) = 2.08 J/g C
H capacity H20 (l) = 4.18 J/g C
ethanply of fusion of ice =6.02 KJ/mol.

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