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a student strolls diagnally across a level rectangular campus plaza, covering the 50 m distance in 1.0 min (a) if the diagonal route makes a 37 degree angle with the long side of the plaza, what would be the distance if the student had walked halfway around the outside of the plaza instead of along the diagonial route ? (b)if the student had walked the outside route in 1.0 min at a constant speed of how much time would she have spent on each side?

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    (a) The short side of the rectangle will be b = 50 sin 37 meters. The long side is 50 cot 37. If a is the long side and b is the short side length, the distance walked around the edge, instead of the diagonal, is a + b.

    (b) time = (side length)/speed
    The speed is 50 m/mimute

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    you are correct on A but B is wrong.

    You need to convert the results for A and B. given that it is 70m/m forget about the initial distance 50m/m this is a whole separate question.


    A (times) m/70m = .57m
    It is a simple conversion from there.

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