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confirmation of multiple choice questions biology

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1. The net gain of ATP after glycolysis is ..
A) two
B) four
C) 34
D) 36

I think it's A.

2. During photosynthesis water ..
A) is made
B) breaks down
C) is not necessary

I put B.

3. The most immediate effect of chloroplasts with non-functioning thylakoids is that ..
A) glucose could not break down
B) water could not split
C) water could not be made
D) ATP could not be made

I put B.

4. Acetyl coA ..
A) is made during anaerobic respiration
B) is a product of pyruvic acid
C) enters the mitochondria
D) all statements are correct

I put B.

5. Carrier molecules of photosynthesis are necessary ..
A) if water is goin to break down
B) if glucose is to be made
C) a and b
D) carrier molecules are not necessary

I put C.

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