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What do I put in my data table for a salt crystal experiment. One grown in bowl on kitchen counter and one in the refrigerator

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    How about time in hours or days (starting from the beginning of the experiment) vs. amount of crystal formed?

    You can either estimate the size visually or pour off the liquid temporarily, weigh what is left,and subtract container weight. Then pour the liquid back. Taking pictures with a length scale (ruler) in the picture is also a good idea.

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    Please can you type about Loligo Opalescens for a report that i need.
    Please put these in it:
    Full Classification-KIngdom to species
    Population-is it threatened or Endangered -Defense
    Interesting Characteristics
    Why i picked it
    Thank you for my time ,can you do it.

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    This is apparently a new question you are posting. It is appearing under someone else's subject thread. To post a question of your own, click "Post a New Question" at the top of this window.

    It looks like you are asking us to do you entire report, including "why you picked it" We have no idea why you picked it. Tell us what you have found out, and we will try to provide additional information where needed.

    Here is a good place to start reading:

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