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Solve the compund inequality and graph the solution.


First I did t+2>-4 and I got t>-2 and I did t+2<4 and i got t<2. Then I graphed it and I dot an open dot on 2 and -2. Is this right?


I did 1/2x>-1 and i got x>-2 and i did 1/2x<1 and i got x<2. I graphed it and put a open dot on 2 and -2. Is this right?

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    no one is answering.

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    You made a small arithmetic error in

    Should have been t > -6

    Actually the easiest way to do these questions is to leave the compound inequality as it it and simply perform operations to isolate the variable between the two inequality signs.

    In this case:

    -4<t+2<4 , now subtract 2 from each of the 3 parts

    -4-2 < t+2-2 < 4-2
    -6 < t < 2

    Place an open dot on the -6 and the 2 and join with a solid line

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    is the second queston right?

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