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Movies and physics

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Hello...I need to find a modern day movie that has at least three or more physics mistakes. I need to prove they are well, is Zeno's Paradox a credited/valid source to use to prove something such as the everlasting gobstopper, from Willy Wonka, is physically impossible? Thanks very much.

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    If I remember correctly from the original Willy Wonka movie, the "everlasting gobstopper" is a candy that never runs out of flavor. This however wouldn't be a physics error. (I'm not sure how that error would be categorized though)

    A scene that might be closer to a physics error would be in the last part where the boy, his grandfather, and Willy Wonka himself all get into the elevator and the elevator flies into the air and they are high in the sky. (this could never really happen or I think it wouldn't since they would have had to have a propulsion system)

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