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Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, December 19, 2007 at 4:15pm.

For my class i have to solve this problem. I did it all but i am not sure its right.
Heres the problem:

The bike club of nj needed to rent a truck for 2 days. the president of the club got 3 different truck rentals companies to find out their rated so that the total cost for the 2-day truck rental including mileage could be calculated. The president's estimate was that the total mileage for the trip would be 250 miles. After, the trip the total turned out to be 350 miles.

Here are the 3 companies with there info.:

1)U-carry truck rental: No daily fee
80 cents a mile
25 percent discount on total miles for all rentals of more than 300 miles

2)Trucks-R-US: $39.95 per day
50 cents a mile
75 cents a mile for rentals under 300 miles

3)Low Rate Truck Rentals: $79.95 per day
Free 100 miles each day
60 cents a mile fore each additional mile

Here are the questions:

1) Based on the president's estimate and the cost alone, from which company should the truck have been rented?

2) Based on only actual mileage and the cost, from which company should the truck have been rented?

3) How much extra did the club pay because of the inaccuracy of the president's estimate?

K now here all of my work:

U Carry cost $200 for 250 miles
Truck-R-Us cost $267.30 for 250 miles
Low Rate Truck Rentals cost $189.90 for 250 miles

U Carry cost $210 for 350 miles
Truck-R-Us cost $254.80 for 350 miles
Low Rate Truck Rentals cost $249.90 for 350 miles

K now here are all of my answers for the questions:

1) Low Rate Truck Rentals with $189.90

2) U Carry with $210

3) $20.10



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