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I am studying Petrarchan poems in my lit class. Right now I am reading three Petrarchan poems: "The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus, "Francisco Pertrarch- Sonnet VI", and "Francisco Petrarch- Sonnet CCXX".I need to identify the rhyme scheme of these poems and determine where the volta is and explain how the volta changed the mood of the poem. Can someone please help me find the rhyme scheme and volta of these three poems?

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Hopefully you will find something here:

    1. (Broken Link Removed)


    3. (Broken Link Removed)


    You might do a search for each of those titles (Google) and find much more information.

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    Here are examples of the rhyming scheme and volta of the Petrarch poems you listed. Hope it helps.

    Sonnet VI

    The eyes of which I spoke so warmly, the hands, A
    the shoulders and the ankles and the face, B
    that separated me from my Self's space, B
    and marked me out from every other man: A
    the lovely waving hair of shining gold, C
    the loving light of that angelic smile, D
    that made a paradise on earth a while, D
    are dust, a little dust, senseless and grown cold. C


    And I, I live (for which I despise myself), E
    and am saddened, left without the light I loved, F
    in a damaged boat, in a great storm's madness. G
    Now, make an end to the songs of the loving Self. E
    The veins are dry where creation's blood once moved, F
    and Poetry turned to eternal sadness. G

    Sonnet CCXX

    Whence did Love get the gold, and from what ore, A
    To make two yellow braids? And in what bower B
    Of thorns did he pluck roses, in what shore A
    The fresh and fragile hoar, and give it power? B
    Whence come the pearls in which he breaks and ties C
    Sweet honest words, incomparably fine? D
    Whence all the beauties that are so divine D
    Of that forehead serener than the skies? C


    From what angels derives and from what sphere, E
    The holy singing by which I am slain, F
    So that little is left to give me pain? F
    From what sun qame the lofty light and clear E
    That declares peace and war to my desire, G
    And scalds my heart with ice as well as fire. G

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