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Read the statment and then say which answer is right, why its right and why the others are wrong.

I think the answer might be D but I don't know how to explain it or if it is even right.

A biologist marked a cell which she knew was about to undergo meiosis. A short while later she observed the 4 cells produced by the original marked cell; their chromosomes numbers were 17,17,18,16. She knew these numbers indicated that something abnormal had occured during meiosis. Which of the following most likely occured:

A) One duplicated chromosome (composed of sister chromatids) did not split apart in the first miotic division.

B) Synapsis did not occur properly in the second meiotic cell division but other events occured as usual.

C) One homologous pair of chromosomes did not separate in the first meiotic cell division but moved to one cell and later separated.

D) In the second meiotic division one chromosome did not split apart but moved to one cell and later split.

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    Since chromosomes typically come in pairs, I assume that the numbers indicate pairs of chromosomes. If this is true, then C would be the best answer.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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