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Who were the Allied Powers during WWII?

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    //wiki.answers. com/Q /Wh lied_c ount ries _in _World_War_2

    U.S., Great Britain (UK), Russia, Canada, China, Australia, France, were major Allies.

    There were many more, including

    New Zealand


    Belgium (May 10 1940-invaded)


    Greece (October 28 1940invaded)

    Holland (May 10, 1940-invaded)


    Norway (April 9, 1940 - invaded)

    Poland (September 1, 1939- invaded)

    South Africa


    Here is more related information:

    * All the members of the British Commonwealth made independent decisions about joining or not joining in WWII. They also contributed greatly in both manpower and materials.

    * In addition, I will mention a number of other nations that contributed to the outcome of WWII, either through the use of their military forces, or through the efforts of their expatriate volunteers - many of whom fought with the British forces: Poland, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, and Finland. Poland, for example had over 700,000 men in three separate Divisions, who fought under British direction in WWII. They fought well and in many different battles.

    * The U.S. was by far the largest supplier of materials. The Russians had the most troops.

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    Thanks so much =]

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