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a collapsible plastic bag contains a gluccose solution. If the average gauge pressure in the atery is 1.33x10^4Pa, what must be the minimum height h, of the bag in order to infuse gluccose into the artery? Assume that the specific gravity of the solution is 1.02.

h=1.38 (I don't know how to get the answer in the back of the book, 1.33m)

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    the specific gravity should be on the mass side (right side) of the equation.

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    Gauge Pressure(P) = Density(p) x gravity(g) x height(h)
    1.33x10^4Pa = 1.02* x 9.8m/s x h
    *: Specific gravity = ratio of density of solution to water .:. Density = 1.02(no units)

    .:. h = 1.33x10^4 / 1.02 x 9.8
    = 1330.5m^3
    = 1.33m

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