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Are the following sentences, which are in French, grammatically correct?
1. Les films sont merveilleux.
2. Les hommes sont gros.
3. Les pieces sont merveilleux.
4. Les poixxons sont frais.
5. Les murs sont epais.
6. Les garcons sont heureux.

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    They appear to be correct to me.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If an accent mark is required and it is not there, it is NOT correct!

    #3 Les pièces must have the accent grave and it is feminine = merveilleuses

    #4 What is poixxons? Could you mean "les poissons = fish?" La poix is "pitch."

    #5 An accent is required on épais. Actually, if you understand why there are 3 "e's" it easy to know when an accent is required.
    e = uh
    é = a (as in first letter of English alphabet)
    è = eh
    Consider a word with all 3 accent marks and the pronunciation = élève

    #7 garçons (accent)

    If you don't know how to make accent marks with the computer, you need to learn. There is a chart I can send you but I need to know:
    1. do you have PC or a MAC
    2. do you have Windows or not?


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    Thank you for getting back to us. If this doesn't do it, let me know:

    To make accents in a PC:

    In Control Panel, open Keyboard.
    In keyboard properties: change to US, International.

    Click ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, etc. you are all set.

    In Main/Control Panel, open International.
    Change Keyboard to US International
    ok,ok,ok,ok etc. Reboot and you're all set. I have personally done this and it works for me just fine... Dawn

    á (accentuated a)= apostrophe and then a
    é (accentuated e) = apostrophe and then e
    í (accentuated i) = apostrophe and then i
    ó (accentuated o) = apostrophe and then oSpanish, PC, Windows98
    ú (accentuated u) = apostrophe and then u
    ü (daeresis u) = shift+apostrophe and then u
    ¿ = ctrl+alt+? (in some programs left alt+0191) (in the number pad with caps lock on)
    ¡ = ctrl+alt+1 (in some programs left alt+0161)
    ñ = ctrl+alt+n (in some programs left alt+0241)


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    Translate from: English
    Following are the awards, Which are in French, grammatically correct?
    1. The films are wonderful.
    2. Men are big.
    3. The pieces are wonderful.
    4. The poixxons fresh.
    5. The walls are thick.
    6. The boys are happy.

    I translate it for you. =)

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