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ok so I really don't get 2d collisions and I thought I knew how to do this one but I have no idea:

A 104 kg baseball player jumps up verticlly to catch a baseball of mass .254 kg traveling horizontally with a speed of 28.6 m/s. If the vertical speed of the player is .258 m/s the instant he catches the ball, detemine him speed just after the catch.
please help or let me know how on Earth I would solve this!

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    You have the initial vertical speed, the horizontal speed will be given by the law of conservation of momentum.

    In the horizontal...


    solve for the Vfh (final horizontal speed of the ball in the glove)

    Now add vectors horizontal speed of the player and vertical speed of the player.

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    Hi I know this is a few days later and I am not sure if you will see it but when I tried this problem I got it wrong/

    I got .3276798204 m/s and it's incorrect. If you see this please help!

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