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In 39.0 s, a pump delivers 549 dm3 of oil into barrels on a platform 22.0 m above the pump intake pipe. The density of the oil is 0.82 g/cm3.
(a) Calculate the work (kJ) done by the pump
(b) Calculate the power (kW) produced by the pump

W = Fd --> W = mad
D = m/v
P = W/t --> this is the easy part

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    It would be nice to know the mass of the oil in kg and have lengths in meters

    m = 549dm^3 * 10^-3m^3/dm^3 * .82g/cm^3 * 10^-3kg/g * 10^6cm^3/m^3

    Then the work done to raise it 22m is:
    m g h

    then the power is indeed work per unit time

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