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Homework Help: Maths

Posted by Zippy on Saturday, December 15, 2007 at 3:06pm.

Can some one check this for me..please...

The customer wishes to buy a carpet 12.5 sq metres. The cost $C of supply and fitting the carpet has a price of $p per square metre and is given by the formula

C= 75 + 12.5P

Rearrange this formula to make P the subject ...

In order to make P the subject of the equation,

P = 75 - C/12.5

If a customer had a budget of $500.00 then the maximum price of carpet a square metre he can afford ????

where P = 75 - C / 12.5

500 - 75 / 12.5 = 34

Therefore the buyer could afford to spend $34.00 per square metre on carpet.

If i am wrong please show me where...thanks

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