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What is the main linguistical difference between the phrases;

1. Je m'en vais and
2. J'y vais

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    Depending upon the context, or exactly how they are used, there are various translations for "en" and "y."

    Uses of "y"

    1. The ronoun "y" always refers to things or places.

    2. "y" usually replaces "à + noun," but may also replace other prepositiions such as "dans, sur, chez + noun."

    3. In English "y" most commonly means "to it (them), in it (them), on it (them), there (when the place has aleady been mentioned.) Sometimes the equivalent is not expressed in English.

    J'y vais = I'm going there.

    Uses of "en"

    1. The pronoun "en" replaces "de + noun," and generally refers to things.

    2. "en" is usually translated into English by "some, any, of it (them), from there."

    3. "En" must always be expressed in English.

    Je m'en vais = from "s'en aller" = t go away. Therefore = I'm going away. (d'ici, perhaps)


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