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Please check my correction.

Punctuation within Sentences—Hyphen

You will need to write both short and long- term goals.
The president-elect of the Rotary Club had the winning lottery ticket.
Please buy three half gallon containers of ice -cream for the party.
The ill defined terms some-how were not clear to her.

Punctuation within Sentences—Parentheses

You should be able to complete your program in two (2) years.
T he textbook had recently been revised. (The last revision took place in 1992).


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    You will need to write both short and long- term goals.
    Since both "short" and "long" modify "term," it should be -- both short- and long-term goals.

    Number 2 is correct.

    Number 3 needs a hyphen in half-gallon because it's two connected words that modify "containers." There is no hypen in ice cream.

    In number 4, "somehow" is one word and not hyphenated. Check this site for where you should place a hyphen in this sentence.

    You've used the parentheses correctly. :-)

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    You're welcome.

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