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Rachel pulls her 13 kg suitcase at a constant speed by pulling on a handle that makes an angle x with the horizontal. The frictional force on the suitcase is 28 N and Rachel exerts a 44 N force on the handle.

a) What angle does the handle make with the horizontal?

b) What is the normal force exerted on the suitcase?

Thoughts: normal force is equal to the weight minus the y component

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    (a) 44 cos x = 28 (horizontal equlibrium)
    Solve for the angle x.
    x = cos^-1 28/44 = 50.5 degrees

    (b) use vertical equilibrium
    up forces = down force

    44 sin x + (normal force) = M g = 127.4 N

    Solve for the normal force. You could also solve for the coefficient of kinetic friction, but they don't ask for that.

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    Thanks for your help.

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