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Indicate the type of intermolecular forces expected with each of the following compounds.


choices include: Hydrogen Bonding,Ion-Molecule and

help me! please!!!! im so stuck!

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    The above site is a basic way to get started. First, inter means between molecules, not between atoms. Therefore, the forces your question is asking is NOT the H-H bond in H2 but the attraction of one H atom to another H atom of an adjacent H2 molecule. For diatomic molecules, this is always van der Waals forces. van der Waals forces are the weakest of the three. The strongest of the three is hydrogen bonding and that occurs when there is an H in one molecule being attracted to an O, N, or F in another molecule. Therefore, for hydrogen bonding, look for compounds, with -OH, -NH2, or -F. (Hydrogen bonding is just a special case of dipole-dipole attractions but it is given a special name because it involves those three highly electronegative atoms of F, O, or N with H.) C3H7OH is an example. I'm not exactly sure what "ion-molecule" means but I assume it is ion-dipole. Li2CO3 is an example. ion-dipole or dipole-dipole forces are intermediate between van der Waals and hydrogen bonding.

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    thank you!!!!!!

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