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Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, December 11, 2007 at 6:13pm.

Can someone check over the grammatical errors in my riddles. Do you have any suggestions on how to improve them?

Often revered for my beauty, I am put on the spot. King Arthur’s lover is what I am suspected to be but the truth is I see in Lancelot what Arthur hasn’t got.
Who am I?
Lady Guinevere

King Arthur is who I help to defend and with my magic potions, I amend. When ever trouble draws near, have no fear, because you can count on me to always appear.
Who am I?
You know who I am, for I am the greatest of all. I am the reason that all of these legends have appeared because if it were not for me, chivalry would be as dead as a flattened ball.
Who am I?
King Arthur
Although I have no eyes, from where I stand I see all. The Lady of Shalott looked towards me and what fell upon her was a curse that brought her to her downfall.
Who am I?
Hint: A place
You may have seen by me in the movie “First Knight.” Yes, it’s true, I captured Lady Guinevere but thanks to Lancelot, all of my knights took flight.
Who am I?
Sir Malagant.
I appear as a common news reporter on land but this is my mistaken identity. Look towards the clouds and you may see my true personality.
Who am I?
I honor all women and only strive for the best. I have done no harm because my only duty is to look toward Heaven and I am the one with the only right to say that I am truly blessed.
Who am I?
Galahad- the purest knight.

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