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Is just reading the main idea of a paragraph in a novel effective? Like do you still get the same information as if you read the whole paragraph?

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    How will you know where the main idea is in any given paragraph?

    Best to read it all!


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    I usually read until I figure out the main idea and then I scan the remainder of the paragraph which is basically details of the main idea. This is a technique that my 7th english teacher taught me.

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    It depends what you want out of the reading. You definitely will lose some details. It depends on how important these details are to the story.

    It sounds like you have to read a novel as a requirement and want to minimize your reading to get the essence of the story. Will you be qizzed on the novel? Do you have to write a report?

    Without knowing the writing style or the novel itself, it is hard to say whether you will get the information you need. I would suggest reading the whole story as it is written.

    Sorry that I cannot be of more help. Thanks for asking.

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    Thank you for asking.

    Our teacher just told us to read it, she might do like a pop quiz or something like to make sure that we're reading the book.

    By the way, the novel is "A Night to Remember" by Walter Lord

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