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Homework Help: Statistics

Posted by Kevin on Sunday, December 9, 2007 at 3:20am.

This is a goodness-of-fit question that I've been trying to wrap my head around for sometime, but I don't understand it since there are two values instead of one. So far, the teacher has only taught us how to deal with one set of observed values.

UCLA conducted a survey of more than 263,000 college fresmen from 385 colleges in fall 2005. The results of student expected majors by gender were reported in The Chronicle of Higher Education (2/2/06). Conduct a goodness of fit test to determine if the male distibution fits the female distribution.

Maj - Women - Men
Art - 14.0% - 11.4%
Bio - 8.4% - 6.7%
Bus - 13.1% - 22.7%
Edu - 13.0% - 5.8%
Eng - 2.6% - 15.6%
Phy - 2.6% - 3.6%
Pro - 18.9% - 9.3%
Soc - 13.0% - 7.6%
Tec - 0.4% - 1.8%
Oth - 5.8% - 8.2%
Und - 8.0% - 6.6%

The final answer must be completed to follow this chart...

O E (O-E)^2 (O-E)^2/E
- - ------- ---------

If I can just get a step in the right direction of how to calculate both sets of percentages I hopefully will be able to understand and do the rest. Thanks in advance, I appreciate it greatly.


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