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Homework Help: spin of a electron

Posted by ~christina~ on Saturday, December 8, 2007 at 7:50pm.

I have to know the spin of a electron and what I have in my notes has me confused.

1. If the # of neutrons and # protons of a element are odd the element has a whole spin # (1, 2, 3)

examples given:

2 H
11 B
14 N
17 O
33 S
35 Cl

(I think those are mass numbers not atomic #'s)

for the oxygen and sulfur I'm confused since I know that the number of protons is the atomic number which cannot be changed even if it is a isotope but for oxygen the atomic # is 8 and that is NOT a odd number and for sulfur the atomic # is 16 which would make the protons it has 16 so how is that odd?


B=> given mass: 11
atomic # :5
number of neutrons => 11-5= 6 (not a odd number)

Cl=> given mass: 35
atomic #= 17
number of neutrons => 35-17= 18 (again not odd)

I do not understand what they mean or is there a typo??

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