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Homework Help: English Grammar

Posted by John on Saturday, December 8, 2007 at 9:03am.

If the subjects are joined by ¡°nor¡± or ¡°or,¡± the verb agrees with the closer subject (the last one).

1. Either you or I _____ to go there. (be)
2. Neither the prices nor the quality _____ changed. (have)

(Explanation) In Sentence 1, the personal pronouns are joined by or. In this case the verb agrees wth the colser pronoun. I is the first person singular, so you should use the singular verb am in the blank.

In Sentence 2, two subjects are joined by nor. In this case, the verb agrees with the closer subject. As the closer subject is the quality, you should use the singular auxuiary verb has in the blank. In the parentheses, there is a base verb. Change have into has,and wite have in the blank.

Thank you for your help. Would you take a look at the expressions above? I'd like you to let me know some grammatical errors in them.

p.s. If I want to make a word in Italic, what do I have to do when I post the mesage?

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