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Homework Help: criminal justice 255

Posted by RAINY on Thursday, December 6, 2007 at 10:41am.

Describe and apply six law enforcement strategies from Chapter 6 of Defending the Homeland.

For each:

Label the strategy as proactive, reactive, or both.

Describe the strategy: What is it, and what is required to execute the strategy?

List the top officials or agencies involved in executing the strategy.

Referencing: Osama bin Ladenís militant manual, Studies in the Jihad Against the Tyrants - Determine whether the strategy may be applied to intelligence from the manual; if so, how?

#1 Coordinating a Menagerie of Agencies:

#2 Responding to Weapons of Mass Destruction:

#3 Responding to Biological Threats:

#4 Responding to Chemical and Radiological Threats:

#5 Law Enforcement and the Infrastructure

I appreciate any feedback I can get, I am stumped with reactive and proactive and the: 'Can this strategy be applied to Osama bin Ladenís militant manual?' I have 'most of the strategy descriptions and most of the agencies involved already.


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