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Posted by DANIELLE on Wednesday, December 5, 2007 at 12:58pm.

Ihave to develop an outline for my essay topic "Healthy eating and Diabetis"
I have a thesis. And I have include the Outline. Please make suggestions. I would certaingly appreciate it. Here is what I have done.

What is your thesis statement?
Even though healthy eating is not important to prevent diabetes, healthy eating reduces the risks of developing diabetes by lowering blood glucose level and helps in weight control.

I. First main point

A. What is Diabetes?

B. Types and symptoms of diabetes

II. How does healthy eating affect your body?

A. Healthy eating helps maintain a healthy body.

B.Healthy eating helps to prevent complications.

III. Healthy eating reduces the risk of developing diabetes

A. By helping an individual to achieve and maintain desired weight.

B. By helping an individual to maintain normal blood glucose levels.

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