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Posted by Miley on Monday, December 3, 2007 at 6:49pm.

Can you tell me who's whom.The who's are the Pharoh, High Priest, Scribe

Samhut is
Akham is
Nephat is

Zepssa is wife to the Pharaoh, her grandmother's brother, hte High Priest, has no daughters, one son three grandsons.Only one grandsons(Samhut) is a father (of Nephat's nephew). THe Pharoh's brother in law is a scribe who has one set living grandparents:the scribes grandfather (Akham) has no nephew but has a niece
whos a mother. The Pharaoh has no brother, and his parents are dead.Nephant's sister has married a descendant of the High Priest has one child.

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