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A 1.00 L flask containing 450 torr of H2 is connected to and mixed with a second flask with a volume of 0.500 L containing 250 torr N2. What is the final pressure of the resulting mixed gas system?

a) 250 torr
b)383 torr
c) 450 torr
d) 575 torr
e) it cannot be determined

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    Use PV = nRT
    Calculate n for each container, add the number of mols to get the sum, plug that back into PV = nRT and solve for pressure. You don't have a T listed but I used 273. Actually, I think you may use any T you wish as long as you keep it constant throughout. I get one of the answers. (Hint: you KNOW it isn't 250 and you KNOW it isn't 450).

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