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Yesterday, Jason had a sample of helium indoors (T = 23oC) in a sealed container, with a pressure of 760 mm Hg. He got bored and took the container outside, where the temperature was a blistering 35oC. He calculated the new pressure to be 750 mm Hg. Jason knew that this answer was not correct because:

TK = ToC + 273.15
Equal volumes of gas have the same number of moles.
P is proportional to n
P is proportional to T
He forgot to convert his temperature to K and the pressure should have decreased even more.

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    I'm a little confused by the answers. #1 is a correct statement in that Kelvin T = 273.15 + Celsius.
    #2 is a correct statement, also.
    #3 is a correct statement.
    #4 is a correct statement.
    We know #5 is not the answer because the pressure will go up (not down) as the T increases.

    I suppose we must make a guess as to which of the correct statements is the answer. My best guess is p is proportional to T (answer #4). Check my thinking. Jason's calculated produced a lower number but we know increased T increases P BECAUSE pressure is directly proportional to T.

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