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Two right triangles are touching at the tips. The left triangle has the 90 degree angle to the bottom left, and 33 degrees on the bottom right. Based on this info, the other angle is 57 degrees. The right triangle has the right angle given, but it is on the top right, and the other two angles aren't given.

However, <A is formed when the right side of the right triangle is extended. The 33 degree angle's vertex is shared by the right triangle's, and an angle of 110 degrees is formed from the extended sides of the hypotenuse of the left triangle and a leg of the right triangle. The question, is, though, is to find the measure of <A.

My first answer was that m<A is 123 degeres, but it was marked wrong. I got that answer because one of the right triangle's angles was 33 degrees, by the Vertical Angles Theorem, and that was the angle with the shared vertex. With that said, I was thinking that the two triangles are congruent, since the angles are all equal. What exactly am I doing wrong?

(It'd be a lot easier if I could just have the figure there instead of describing it...I hope that's specific enough). Thanks much!

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