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Homework Help: business math

Posted by george on Saturday, December 1, 2007 at 1:06pm.

I figured out question (a) However, I am having a problem coming up with the correct answer for (b). Can someone offer me some assistance. Thank you.

You receive the results of a paired-comparison preference these of four soft drinks from a sample of 200 persons. The results are as follows:

Koak Zip Pabze Mr.Pep

Koak ---- 50 115 35
Zip 150 --- 160 70
Pabze 85 40 --- 45
Mr.Pep 165 130 155 ---

a). How does these brands rank in overall preference in this sample?

Koak Zip Pabze Mr.Peepers
Total 400 220 430 150
RankOrder 2 3 1 1

b). Develop an interval scale for these four brands. The results are as followed.

Please explain clearly how you came up with the results.

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