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Homework Help: english vocab

Posted by tamy on Friday, November 30, 2007 at 5:53pm.

ok I finished my essay now and I got this vocabulary finished. I really tried my best using a dictionary website but like i said earlier i just cant seem to tell the difference between some words meanings. all i can say is i tried my best on this. the answers that i chose have a little > beside it.

1. Students found her ____________ lecture hard to follow.
>A. meticulous
B. honorary
C. cogent
D. discursive

2. Everything about Carlos's financial situation seemed _________ for getting the loan he needed.
A. slovenly
>B. bodacious
C. dour
D. propitious

3. Josie's __________ experience in the convent chapel led her to choose a religious life.
A. ineffable
B. ingratiating
C. maladroit
>D. petulant

4. The ___________ team seemed to suffer one unlucky defeat and injury after another.
A. ineffable
B. fulsome
>C. inevitable
D. hapless

5. In Charlie's adolescent years, the _________ of his existence cost him his self-confidence.
A. acerbity
B. vagaries
>C. serenity
D. biliousness

6. The _________ old apple seller on the street corner used to scare Sarah.
A. copasetic
>B. pulchritudinous
C. wizened
D. transmogrified

7. The judge severely ____________ his clerks for telling the press about the defendant's case.
A. chastised
B. obligated
>C. inhibited
D. aggravated

8. Jessica gave a ___________ account of the conversation she'd had with the police.
A. verbatim
B. decorous
C. dilatory
>D. munificent

9. John's _____________ praise of his coach was part of his plan to get onto the team.
A. innocuous
B. fulsome
C. cognizant
>D. ostensible

10. Aunt Clara delivered a beautiful ____________ at Grandmother's funeral.
A. solipsism
>B. eulogy
C. ineptitude
D. soubriquet

11. His __________ crimes against the state were well chronicled in the daily papers.
A. propitious
B. querulous
C. blatant
>D. amorous

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