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Language Arts/Capitalization

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Quick question:
When writing CHRISTIAN CLUB is it
Christian Club or Christian club?
Thank you

  • Language Arts/Capitalization -

    I would go for capatilizing the "C" on "Club" in this case.
    If you are saying: "I attended a Christian club," then the "c" would be lower case.
    However, if you are saying: "I go to Christian Club," then I "believe" that "Club" would be capitalized as being a proper noun? "Christian" in this case would be the adjective...describing the type of club.

  • Language Arts/Capitalization -

    It depends on the exact name of the club. If it's a club at a school, for example, it probably has a constitution or set of by-laws on file with the student council or principal or whoever. The exact name of the club determines capitalization.

    If the club is called The Christian Club in its by-laws, then all three of those words need to have a capital letter at the beginning. If the club is called Christ's Crossing in its by-laws, then you would refer to it as the Christian club called Christ's Crossing.

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