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Posted by ace on Thursday, November 29, 2007 at 12:57am.

Describe the world you come from- for example, your family, community or school -- and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations

Being the first in my family to attend college is not so easy. There has never been anyone at home to help or to guide me. I did not always receive the support I needed, there was and are people, that doubted me. My mother places a tremendous amount of pressure to go to college while my father doubts I can go to college. Yet, both of them have inspired my dreams and goals and shape the person I am.
Ever since I can remember my father has never given me his support because he has always viewed me as unintelligent. When I was little, he never wanted to take me to school, he always thought school was a waste of time, especially for a dumb little girl. That is why, when I was younger. I did not care for school, I thought he was right. As a child I never received support from my family. My mother, a poor immigrant from Guatemala, was afraid of her abusive husband and would always agree with what he said. None of my teachers believed in me either, and all of them gave up except one, my fifth grade teacher. She was the first person who gave me all her support and that made me try. Thanks to her, I did not let my father bring me down. Instead he gave me strength to keep on trying to prove how smart I am. In middle school, I obtained good grades. When it was time to go to high school I wanted a challenging curriculum, therefore I wanted to go to a magnet school. When I told my father, he suggested that I should stay in the school I was because I would never get accepted in a magnet school. That did not stop me, I went to find out and I was accepted into Van Nuys High School Math and Science Magnet. In 10th grade, I enrolled into Honors classes; I was going to enroll into AP classes but my family, and my friends, thought I would fail, so I did not take any. I was going to prove to them that I could easily pass my Honors classes. I decided that in 11th grade, no matter what anyone told me, I would take AP Classes. This decision was made thanks to the support my English teacher. Taking AP English Language and composition was a challenge because writing has always been difficult. I find grammar and spelling often to be confusing. That class helped me become a better writer and a lot more confident. That confidence led me to take sociology and child development at Pierce college.
My family and community have shaped what I want to be and the person I am today. I realized I wanted to be a psychologist after taking child development and psychology. I took those classes to understand my father better and not judge him. Because the difficulties I went through I am now a stronger person, a person that does not give up. I stopped doubting myself, and started working hard because I have dreams and goals for the future that I am determined to make them happen.

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