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essay cont.: mrs. sue

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The next step for a student to do is to take all of the information he or she learned in the class, and apply it to his or her future. For example, when one buys a house in the future, it is necessary to take out a loan. To do this, one has to consider interest rates and must have a general knowledge of how banks work. The person can think back to his or her economics class and try to remember what they learned about banks and interest rates. The economics class will play a big role at this point of time because the person will know what kind of questions to ask and what information is important to know from the bank person. This is how students should take what they learned in college and apply it to their real life situations.

Economics is a required class for some students and non-required class for others. Students who have to take this course might feel more prepared for life after college than students who don’t have to take this course. That is probably the main reason why some students think that colleges don’t offer life skills, because they are not required to take this class. Students don’t find the course important because there are too busy taking classes that are required for their major.

Please correct my grammar.
I'm not quite done with the second paragraph. I'm kind of working my way into workshops available in college. if students can't take economics class, then they can take a workshop class on the weekend.

So how would i end the second paragraph with a transistion introducing workshops for my next paragraph.

also, a different point of view is that students won't find time to take extra classes on the weekend. do you have any ideas what support i can use to argue my side.


  • essay cont.: mrs. sue -

    I'd omit your second paragraph. It doesn't add anything to your argument and is redundant.

    If I were you, I'd emphasize the research and learning skills learned in college classes. One doesn't need an econ class or even a workshop to make a budget, get a mortgage, or save money.

    I already showed you how to find those practical skills by Googling household budget. Educated people should be able to find and interpret information without specific formal educational classes.

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