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Posted by Sami on Wednesday, November 28, 2007 at 1:01pm.

I have the answers for these but can you please explain to me how to get them? Thanks.

Place the following in order of decreasing lattice energy.
a. KBr > RbI > MgS
b. KBr > MgS > RbI
c. RbI > KBr > MgS
d. MgS > KBr > RbI
e. MgS > RbI > KBr

I am confused about lattice energy or even how to figure it out?

Which of the following species are paramagnetic?
a. Ca
b. S2-
c. Zn2+
d. Sr2+
e. None of the above are paramagnetic.
Are paramagnetic the ones that have unpaired electrons???

According to valence bond theory, the sigma bond between C and H in C2HCl is formed from the overlap of which two orbitals?

Carbon Hydrogen
a. sp s

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