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Chemistry help

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I need help, I don't know how to do these.
Single Displacement
Fe+S yeilds ___
Mg+O2 yeilds___
Cu+O2 yeilds___
CaO+H2O yeilds___
HgO yeilds___
NaHCO3 yeilds___
Single Displacement
Zn+HCl yeilds___
Zn+CuSO4 yeilds___
NaBr+Cl2 yeilds___
Ca+H2O yeilds___
Cu+Pb(NO3)2 yeilds___
Double Displacement
AgNO3+NaCl yeilds___
Na2SO3+HCL yeilds___
AlCl3+NH4+OH yeilds___
NaOH+HCl yeilds___
Na2CO3+HCl yeilds___
Sr+MgSO4 yeilds___

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    None of the first four are single displacement. Here is how you tell.
    A + B ==> AB

    single displacement:
    A + BC ==> AC + B

    double displacement:
    AB + CD ==> AD + CB

    the opposite of synthesis.
    AB ==> A + B

    Follow these four examples to do all of those you list. Ask questions about what you have trouble with but be specific about each as to what you don't understand.

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