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Math help - Conversion

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Good Evening everyone

I'd like to propose a valid question on the mathmatical topic about finding area's under the speed- time graphs that represent the distance travelled.

Iam aware that the area is actually equal to the distance travelled .

But reallt the question is

if it askes me the distance travelled and i get it , but the answer has to be given in meters , and in the graph it's in km's.

I have no idea on how to convert them , so please can anyone kindely help me with this , because when I send any helps the respons are unuseful as much


and waiting for your reply as soon as possible

Student A

  • Math help - Conversion -

    k means kilo, or thousand. 3km=3000 meters.

  • Math help - Conversion -

    Sir this was not helpful

    I'm talking about the method in using the conversion with the area and the rule

    Off course and obviously a grade 10 accelerated student would definitly know that !!

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