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Posted by Gina on Sunday, November 25, 2007 at 2:17am.

Can someone proofread my paper. The assignment is to design a SDLC for this company. I just want to know if there is anything I left out or I should add or if I need to elaborate on more. Thanks

Bead Bar Systems Development Project

The Bead bar is a prominent company that specializes in customers using materials provided to create necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry right in the store. The Bead Bar has three divisions: (1) studios, (2) franchises, (3) Bead Bar on Board. Currently there are two studios in New York, one in Washington D.C., and one in Boston, Massachusetts. The Bead Bar is currently using paper based systems and with the growth of the company they will need to develop a system that is customized to their needs. In this essay it will define the purpose of the systems development project and its alignment with the Bead Bar’s company goals. In this paper it will outline the steps and tasks required in each phase of the project. Also in this paper it will develop guidelines for a systems review and maintenance schedule. This paper will list input and output information, sources, and a database model. Lastly, an announcement of the new system rollout outlining the benefits to the user.
It is evident the Bead Bar needs to build a system to customize their needs. The Bead Bar relies little on technology for operations. Meredith S. has hired BRJ consulting to manage and control the overall development of the software. The Bead bar has multiple locations so they would have to have a system that is commonly used for large organizations. The new system will store all of their data and client information so that it is easily retrieved. The new system will have features available for human resources so they can do most of the work electronically. The primary objective to the new system is to make sure there are not any lost orders. The system will allow customers to place orders online and view products available. It is important for employees to have remote access to the system when they are away from the office. Most importantly it has to make sure that invoices are correct and there are not any fulfillment delays. The Bead Bar is lacking computer hardware and all the necessary hardware is available now so that the implementation of the new system can be performed.
Systems Analysis
Information is gathered from the Bead Bar employees to determine what needs to be developed and how the system should be designed. The system analysis has developed data flow diagrams to determine how data moves through the Bead Bar. This process provides a road map for the programming team. The system analysis will use CASE tools to develop the various programs used in systems analysis and design quickly (Malaga, 2006).
Systems Design
The team developed a physical systems design to help achieve the functionality. Since the Bead Bar data is too complex to use a flat file system, the company will use a relational database system. The Bead Bar is opting for a distributed database since it has many locations. The distributed database will require all of the Bead Bar’s computers to connect through a telecommunications system and computer network. The Bead Bar is going to use a Ring Topology because if one node fails it will not shut down the entire system. Since the Bead Bar is concerned with costs then the Ring Topology would be the best choice. The system should be set up as a client/server network. The client/server network will allow certain computers to act as servers and others to act as a requester of services (clients). The client/server network is capable of handling simultaneous requests from clients. The server will be set up to provide shared data for clients, printing (only), and provide a variety of other services.
The network architecture that will be used will be a LAN. Each Bead Bar will have its own LAN so it can share the resources such as the printer, software, and data. The LAN will help them to share printers so each user will not have to have their own which can cut down costs spent on printers. Utilizing a wireless network will help the Bead Bar from using so many wires. The Bead Bar would need a wireless router to do this. A shared database accessed through LAN would store all sales data and it will help with the Sales and Marketing departments within the Bead Bar. The use of a LAN would require the use of routers to determine the route the data needs to take to get from one network to another.
The distributed database is put together with all the information needed. The system is now set up to process orders, make invoices, store customer data, etc. The hardware, software, and communications are put together. The protocol that would be used for the LAN would be the Token Ring network because it connects devices in a closed loop. The Token Ring network can be a physical loop using the ring topology (Malaga, 2005). The Token ring allows only one device to transmit at a time preventing a collision problem often common in using the Ethernet (Malaga, 2005). The Token Ring network is beneficial because when a device on the network wants to transmit it must wait for the token and remove it from the network (Malaga, 2005). The device that carries the token may transmit data (Malaga, 2005). Since the Bead Bar will have a high amount of traffic the Token Ring network are much faster than the Ethernet.
Testing and Implementation
Now the system is built. The programmers perform the stub test by testing the inputs to see if they return to the proper outputs. The development team performs the unit test. Also the development team tests the new software with the databases and networks of the new system. Now that testing is completed everything is set to go to the next step.
The installation team installs all of the new systems components. The new system is introduced to the employees for the first time. The employees will need to be trained on the new system and how it will be accessed.
The maintenance on the system will remain throughout the life of the system. There will be routine maintenance scheduled at times when the system is not being used. There will be constant upgrades to the system to ensure it is working at full capacity. System enhancements requests may come from the users but there will be an impact analysis done to make sure it will not affect the system.
New System Rollout
Now the Bead Bar is officially in the digital age. The Bead Bar now has a system that they can use and they no longer will use a paper based system. The Bead Bar has a new system that will store all of their data and client information so that it is easily retrieved. The Bead Bar has a new system that will have features available for human resources so they can do most of the work electronically. The sales department will benefit from the system because they can have remote access from anywhere. The financial data will be able to be sent quicker and efficiently. The primary goal to the new system is to make sure there are not any lost orders. Now information can be shared between the stores and the franchises will be able to communicate better with corporate headquarters. The new system will allow customers to place orders online and view products available. The new system will be a benefit to every employee at the Bead Bar.
The Bead Bar will be able to run their business efficiently based on the new system that has been implemented. The business will grow as a result of the new system. The Bead Bar is always processing orders for supplies and ringing up customer purchases. The Bead Bar’s new system will be beneficial because it will allow the system to continue running even when one node fails. The system is set up so there will be minimum work stoppage when an error occurs. The sales department will benefit from the new system because they would be able to access the corporate network from anywhere. Having a network that connects all of their studios would make it easier to send their financial data quicker. The Bead Bar’s business will grow and prosper from the new system and it paves the way for the success that is yet to come

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