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A Bird Is Judged On Its Looks

On a warm sunny day, everything stood quiet in the Finch's yard. A mockingbird stood on top of an old tree with rotten branches. As it got ready to sing, a shiny silver bullet flew struck the mockingbird. "We got the sonnava (expletive) that destroyed our gardens!" said Walter Cunningham Sr. The twonspeople are delighted that their gardens will no longer be harmed. The bird descended slowly to the ground. Thick, dark red blood ran from its mouth. The bird never got a chance to sing its song. Most of the townspeople believed the mockingbird was merely an ordinary bird that harmed their gardens. They judged the bird based on sterotype, treating it as if it were a blue jay and they did not allow it to sing its song to let them know what kind of creature it was. This bird parallels Tom and Boo Radley because it was judged using common stereotypes.
The movie To Kill A Mockingbird, directed by Robert Mulligan, takes place in a small town called Maycomb in Southern Alabama. In the 1930's, African Americans were segregated from Whites. African Americans could not share water fountains or restrooms with the Whites. Atticus Finch, a lawyer and a father, teaches his two children, Jem and Scout, not to judge the townspeople or anyone on their looks. In order to understand a fellow human being, Jem and Scout must stand in his or her shoes and walk in them.
The mockingbird was judged on its looks because many birds in Maycomb destroy townspeople's gardens. The birds would dig in the ground, causing the flowerbeds to die. Several townspeople hated all birds because they were unclear the impression that all birds were alike. The mockingbird was an innocent bird that never harmed anyone. It was destroyed by its own kindness. Similarly, Tom Robinson is destroyed as result of his kindness.
Tom Robinson is a black man who lives in the country side. He is very tall with big arms and huge muscles the size of a giant. In a scene from the film To Kill A Mockingbird, Tom Robinson is on trial for raping Mayella Ewell, a white woman. He is accused of raping her because he is a black man. He is killed after the trial because he tries to escape. Tom is an innocent man because he helped Mayella chop woods, for a chiffarobe, and she kissed him. The townspeople judged him because of his race and his appearance. They do not see him as a innocent man; they see him as a black man with no rights. They assumed he raped her because he is big. Tom is like a mockingbird because he has a song to tell the townspeople that he is innocent and they did not listen. Just like the mockingbird, they did not let Tom sing. Tom was destroyed by his own kindness because he helped Mayella Ewll. Just like Tom, the mockingbird was killed for being kind and wanting to sing to the townspeople. The townspeople mistakenly judged the character of Tom and the mockingbird to be harmful. Boo Radley was also mistakenly judged as harmful to the townspeople.
Boo Radley, a man with pale light skin, is a shy man who never comes out in Maycomb. He stays inside his home like a shy owl that only comes out at night. The townspeople never have a chance to meet him, and they believed he is crazy because of rumors they have heard. In a scene from the film To Kill A Mockingbird, Jem judges Boo from thses rumors. He calls Boo a crazy man and a raw squirrel eater. Boo is a nice man who only wants to be alone. At the end of the film, he ends up saving Jem and Scout's lives. He is a hero because he risks his life to help others. Boo Radley is like a mockingbird because he is judged from the twon's gossip. Just like Boo Radley, the mockingbird risked its life to sing to the townspeople. The bird did not know if it was going to live or die, and it was killed because of judgment.
Both characters are innocent and misunderstood, just like how a mockingbird can be mistaken for a troublesome blue jay. Tom and Boo are percieved as threats simply because they are different. Tom's skin color and his appearances were the only two things the townspeople noticed about him. Like a mockingbird unable to sing its song, Tom is never permitted to defend himslef properly against the townspeople's stereotypes. While Boo is not killed, his character is judged so much, the townspeople never get a chance to know who he really is.
The mockingbird was an innocent bird that was killed for its own kindness. The bird was trying to show the twonspeople in Maycomb, Alabama how kind and grateful it was by sharing its music with them. The townspeople, however judged the bird on its appearance and killed it. Tom Robinson and Boo Radley are like the moskingbird because they are different. The mockingbird is a unique creature that can sing, but nobody in Maycomb listens to it, and they assume that it will destroy their gardens. Just like the mockingbird, Tom and Boo have a voice to tell the townspeople who they truly are, but the townspeople never listen. They judged Tom on his race and Boo on rumors. Both of them are innocent men and all they wanted was to prove that they were kind. The film To Kill A Mockingbird, conveys the message that human beings should not be judged solely on their appearances.

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