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the scarlet letter/english

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Which character in A Scarlet Letter displays the most integrity? Why do you feel this way? Back up your answer with evidence from the story.

this one is tough cuz all of them could be

  • the scarlet letter/english -

    This is an opinion question -- asking for YOUR opinion.

    Here's a pertinent definition of "integrity" from

    "1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty."

    Which character do YOU think was the most honest and kept to his moral principles? You need to choose one of the characters and then support your reasons with evidence from the story.

  • the scarlet letter/english -

    I believe that the character who showed the most integrity was Hester. She remained honest and true to herself. As a matter of fact, over the 7 years, Hester grew mature and wiser as a human. She contributed to her society. She stayed true to herself. She taught her daughter about morals and right and wrong.

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